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Karen Maria Capo

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Reviews for Midnight Siren and Karen Maria Capo

Review by David Cole, 
"In The Basement" magazine

Instead Of Sleeping

The cdbaby site for this CD summarises the set as "R&B meets Jazz meets Easy Listening.  Listen to vocals and lyrics that paint a picture for you" 

Midnight Siren is vocalist Karen Maria Capo and piano/keyboardist John Kelly and together they write the sort of music that deserves an intimate atmosphere and, thanks to Karen Maria's delectable voice - think Diana Krall meets Maysa Leak! - just makes me melt.

Occasionally, they are augmented by a backing vocalist, usually Katrina Gray but, as on the complex 'One Good Reason', by Liz Lawton and there might be someone to play bass or guitar but, in the main, it is all down to the twosome, who also write the songs.

Just two exceptions there:  
Joe McCoy's 'Why Don't You Do Right' is taken slower than average and thus becomes a rather seductive poser and Cole Porter's 'I've Got You Under My Skin' gets a shuffling Latin rhythm.

Most of the material is on the gentle side and perfect for relaxation ... 'Take A Stand', 'Instead Of Sleeping', 'Maybe','Nightbird' ... but just because I've lumped the songs together does not mean a lack of originality in the writing.  
'Same Moon' and 'Makes No Difference' take a jerkier approach, 'I Can't Stay' is quite a perky little number and the weaving 'I Believe' finds Karen Maria sounding like she's singing  through a tube (mic) at the opening.

Leaving the best to last, 'Kiss Of You' is so gorgeous and 'Til We Meet Again' is tuneful, delicious and the perfect song to end the CD.  This won't be the cup of tea of strictly soul-orientated readers, but I was hooked.